The video tutorials below will show you a range of Renode capabilities, starting from basic platform creation and usage to creating wireless, multi-node setups. Over time, new tutorials will explain how to integrate with your everyday tools and how to share work with your colleagues.

With Renode, you will be able to one-up the daily hassle of embedded development, be it for a big Linux-capable system or a complex network of IoT nodes.

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  • Basic functions
  • Host-guest networking
  • Wireless capabilities

Basic functions

A video walkthrough on loading a sample platform - Silicon Lab's EFM32MG running a Zephyr shell application, displaying the list of peripherals, and logging capabilities.

Host-guest networking

This tutorial presents how to connect a simulated Ethernet network with the host system and access a Zephyr RTOS-based HTTP server running on Intel's Quark C1000. This lets you use standard networking-oriented tools to interact with the simulated environment, or to enable simulated nodes to access online resources.

Wireless capabilities

This tutorial shows wireless communication between two TI CC2538 nodes running a Contiki-NG sample and the RPL protocol over UDP. With Renode you can control the position of the emulated nodes and properties of the wireless medium itself.

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Getting started

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