Market Cases

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Case #1: 

TensorFlow Lite

TensorFlow Lite is Google’s Machine Learning framework for mobile and embedded devices. With Antmicro’s help, the TensorFlow Lite microcontroller team adopted Renode as its primary testing platform for ARM and RISC-V MCU implementations. Renode lets them proceed more rapidly without worrying that new changes and optimizations will break existing platform support, as well as bring TF Lite to new boards faster, also making it available to a broad developer community without requiring physical hardware.

TensorFlow Lite

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Case #2: 

PolarFire SoC

Universal availability of mainstream Linux‑capable SoCs is a major milestone for RISC‑V.

Antmicro added Renode support for PolarFire SoC, the first mainstream, widely available, powerful and flexible multi-core Linux-capable RISC-V FPGA SoC announced by Microsemi, a subsidiary of Microchip. To get the platform into the hands of developers worldwide without limitations, Renode’s PolarFire SoC model is integrated with Microsemi’s SoftConsole IDE, allowing users to simulate production software for their products while waiting for silicon to be available. Additional collaboration features of Renode together with its integration with continuous integration and testing frameworks further enhance this revolutionary simulator-first workflow, providing even more design freedom for pre-silicon development on PFSoC.

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Case #3: 

Zephyr Project

The Zephyr Project's goals are convergent with those of Renode: building scalable, secure and well-architected IoT systems. The two projects do joint marketing, development and demos, and Renode is one of the recommended Zephyr development tools which lets users simulate complex wireless (and wired) setups running real binaries so that they can do testing, continuous integration and debugging to an extent that wasn't imaginable before.

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Case #4: 

Utilities customer

A fully-fledged, multi-device product development project that benefited from the leverage offered by Renode.

Utilities customer Utilities customer Utilities customer Utilities customer

Renode allowed us to adopt a Continuous Integration approach for the project's EFR32 nodes from the very beginning.

The benefit

Renode's environment simulation capabilities made it possible to simulate complete sensor nodes and test the Zephyr-based firmware against various environmental circumstances, increasing test coverage for this Swedish customer in the utilities market.

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Case #5: 


RISE SICS (Swedish Institute of Computer Science) is a household name in IoT systems and low-power networking, responsible for technologies such as lwIP or the Contiki-NG RTOS. A long-time partner of Antmicro, RISE SICS are early adopters of Renode and firm believers in simulation-based development methodologies.


As one of the flagship use cases, we developed a multi-node setup with support for hardware cryptography based on TI CC2538 for SICS's security team for cross-validation of protocol implementations and Contiki-NG regression testing. Renode is now included as a target in the Contiki-NG mainline and the tool is available in the official Contiki-NG Docker image.

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Case #6: 

Dover Microsystems

Dover's CoreGuard™ technology is the only cybersecurity solution specifically designed to prevent the exploitation of software vulnerabilities. Recently endorsed by NXP, CoreGuard silicon IP integrates with RISC processors to control the communication between the host processor and the rest of the system and ensure nothing is written to memory or sent out peripherals, without being verified by CoreGuard first.

Dover microsystems

Dover is leveraging the flexibility of the Renode framework both for internal development as well as a demonstration and evaluation platform for their customers. Renode's ability to model complex systems, control and analyze the execution of real software in simulated platforms is a perfect match for CoreGuard.

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Commercial services

Professional support, implementing new platforms
Setting up CI and improving development workflows in your organization
Building customized tools, user interfaces and integrations
Embedded systems development services powered by the Renode methodology

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