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What is Renode?

Renode is an open source software development framework with commercial support from Antmicro that lets you develop, debug and test multi-node device systems reliably, scalably and effectively.

Renode strengths

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Renode in Continuous Inte­gration

As experienced software developers, we strongly believe that the best way to test and deliver software is through a Continuous Integration system. While the market offers plenty of tools for desktop or web development, it lacks smart solutions dedicated to complex systems operating at the edge.

Renode enhances your local development workflow with seamless CI capabilities, helping you prepare an isolated development environment, and test your software with Renode, the Robot Framework and other popular open source tools on a cloud or local server.

Using Renode in CI lets you track tested repositories, run test pipelines, gather and expose all the metrics and logs developers might need from a test run.

It takes only a few commands to recreate an identical setup on a local PC, providing a fully isolated and deterministic test environment that can be shared with other developers.

Find out how you can use Renode in CI to test consumer-grade products running ChromiumOS.
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Key Features

Scalable simulation framework with an IoT focus.
Supports a modern, rapid development workflow.
Vastly improves testing capabilities.
Lets you develop complex multinode scenarios.
Built for continuous integration.
Easy to use, open and extendible.
Enables security-hardened devices and systems.

Learn about Scenarios & Applications:

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"Renode gives us integrated software emulation for a lot of Arm and RISC-V devices, and we rely on it for our testing."

Pete Warden, TensorFlow Mobile/Embedded Team Lead, Google

"The cost of maintaining platforms in an open source project like TensorFlow is very high, and automated testing reduces that dramatically. Renode gives us integrated software emulation for a lot of Arm and RISC-V devices, and we rely on it for our testing."

Pete Warden, TensorFlow Mobile/Embedded Team Lead, Google

"Antmicro and its innovative Renode platform (...) help us enhance our RISC-V design offerings for customers. The Renode system brings rapid development and debug capabilities to our customers developing soft processors on our award-winning PolarFire FPGA and early adopters of our RISC-V PolarFire FPGA SoC platform."

Venki Narayanan, Senior Director of System Architecture and Embedded Solutions, Microsemi

"Thanks to its extensibility, Renode is already used by several members of the RISC-V Foundation, including Antmicro, for PoCs, performance analyses and prototyping, and the availability of a 64-bit platform will enable a wider adoption among other RISC-V developers."

Michael Gielda, VP Business Development, Antmicro

"With the growing size and complexity of IoT systems, it becomes almost impossible to test protocols thoroughly on real hardware. Renode lets you devise varied scenarios and investigate different setups to improve test coverage and thus the quality and dependability of your solution."

Anas Nashif, Project Architect, Zephyr

"Contiki-NG joins Zephyr in using Renode as the next generation emulation tool! Check it out at Github!"

Joakim Eriksson, Senior Researcher, RISE SICS

Learn about Renode market implementations:

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