What is Renode™?

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Renode can simulate physical hardware systems - including both the CPU, peripherals, sensors, environment and wireless medium between nodes.

Develop your IoT software as normal and then use Renode to debug and test it in various circumstances.

This includes protocols and applications that span multiple nodes - run them in a joint virtual environment with full determinism and control over the parameters of execution.

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Scenarios & Applications

Renode can alleviate many of the pains in multi-node IoT development and let you improve many aspects of the process:

Testing & debugging

Thoroughly testing an IoT setup is very difficult, especially at scale. Debugging of one node affects timing constraints in communication with other nodes. Bugs in corner cases are usually detected too late.

Development speed

Development is often delayed by lack of hardware. Iteration cycles are slow because deployment and testing are error-prone, time consuming and frustrating. Debugging on real hardware is difficult.


Reproducible testing in IoT is virtually unattainable: bug hunting efforts are difficult to distribute among developers, and onboarding new team members is hard.

Reliability and security

Security in IoT is often neglected which can have severe consequences, but it's impractical to verify behavior in different conditions.


Working with heterogeneous systems requires lots of different hardware. Backward compatibility requirements increase the cost and complexity of testing.

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Supported platforms

Renode supports a wide range of devices from multiple vendors, and makes it easy to add new ones:

Intel Quark
Nvidia Tegra
Microsemi Mi-V
Silicon Labs
Texas Instruments

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Integrations with external tools

You can find Renode's documentation at ReadTheDocs:


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Renode™ works on all the popular operating systems.

Linux Windows macOS

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