Renode talks, tutorials and demos at the inaugural RISC-V Summit

Published: November 28th, 2018

The inaugural RISC‑V Summit is only a week away, promising to put practical implementations in real products and open tooling into the spotlight. The ecosystem is maturing, and we may expect a series of exciting announcements by RISC‑V leaders, Antmicro included. We are thrilled to be spearheading RISC‑V’s next big steps into the mainstream, and the Summit will surely be a manifest of the emerging culture of open standards and collaborative innovation that we hold to be inevitable.

Antmicro RISC‑V Summit

Renode and pre-silicon development of Linux-capable RISC‑V SoC

As is customary, we will also be presenting a Renode talk related to our open source Renode simulation framework, this time announcing the support of a new major Linux-enabled RISC‑V SoC from our RISC‑V Foundation partner, with Renode being the primary enabler for pre-silicon development. The exciting hardware/software co-design capabilities of Renode, exemplified earlier by our collaboration with Dover Microsystems will now be taken to the next level. On Tuesday, December 5th, join in for "Making a Complex, Linux-enabled SoC Available to Everyone Today with Renode" where we will explain how Antmicro managed to deliver the first-ever mainstream Linux-enabled RISC‑V SoC platform into the hands of developers worldwide without limitations using the free and open source Renode framework.

Zephyr tutorial with Renode

We will also be giving practical hands-on tutorials related to Antmicro’s recent work in bringing forth the official RISC‑V Getting Started Guide for early developers on the inaugural day of the Summit, December 3rd.

In the second tutorial, together with Google we’re addressing those interested in RISC‑V for resource-constrained AI applications. "Running the Zephyr RTOS and Machine Learning with TensorFlow Lite on RISC‑V" will tell about the status of Zephyr and TF Lite, plans for TF Lite RISC‑V support, developing with Zephyr and TF Lite on real hardware and testing in Renode, which is a recommended tool both by Zephyr and TF Lite.

Antmicro’s booth and Renode demos - schedule a meeting!

We see a growing number of customers wanting to leverage the open nature of RISC‑V and adopt a new, more software-driven workflow. Meet us in person showcasing our RISC‑V services and tools for early adopters at Antmicro’s booth, and a dedicated Renode demo at Microchip’s booth (Expo Hall open Tuesday from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm, Wednesday from 10:00 to 3:30 pm).

By being a Diamond Sponsor for the first global RISC‑V Summit and leading this series of developer-oriented activities, we hope to spark even more creative energy in the rapidly broadening RISC‑V ecosystem and encourage industry partners already navigating towards open standards to take their next big step with Antmicro. If you see the future as more open-source and software-driven than ever before, get in touch with us at - we’ll be happy to arrange a meeting!

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